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100 steps: blue
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[1] an expanding list - late september

Brendon keeps track of the good things.

Okay, truthfully, pretty much breathing and being alive and all the little things that happen during a normal day are good for Brendon, so he really only keeps a list of the extraordinary things. Since he left home a little over three years ago, there's really only been one thing on that list: the day a scrawny, barely 18 year old kid in lavender hoodie with the classified's clenched in trembling hands had stood on the doorstep of Sunshine Sally's Daycare - hoping but not hopeful - to apply for the assistant Needed (music instruction a bonus!). He doesn't know what Sally Squireman saw in him, but he'd walked away with the job.

His eyes trace the bright blue trim and he thinks that today's going to be the day he puts another thing on that list.


Brendon falls in love with the house after approximately two seconds. It's when he steps through the foyer, into the front room and sees the four large windows, sun shining warm through them. The hardwood floors gleam and Brendon knows that this house was loved. He promises in that instant to love it just as much.

He goes through the rest of the house. Upstairs are three bedrooms, a bathroom and a small sitting room. Really, it's more than he can afford, but it's not far from the college and he's fairly sure he can find a couple of serious upper level students to share the space.


The idea is exciting, Brendon admits to himself. He's always lived by himself and it's entirely too quiet sometimes. Brendon loves all the ladies he works with, but he's the only one under forty except his kids, and most of the time it's like being surrounded by eight moms. Which, for the record, Brendon would not trade for the world given that he hasn't talked to his own mother in three years. But still, people his own age.

He barely manages to not blurt out 'I'll take it!' but the real estate agent smiles like she knows anyway.


"How do you feel about cats?" Brendon turns toward the voice, one that's a bit soft but full of humor.

Brendon's lived in Chicago for a while now, but he came from Vegas. Fall is barely showing herself, but he's still wearing 2 shirts and a hoodie. The guy in front of him has on a white v-neck tee, cargo pants and flip-flops. Brendon's toes curl up in his shoes, cold just looking at him.

"Cats are awesome in the respect of simple but random questions, but oh my god, how are your toes not about to fall off?" It's then he sees one of his flyers hanging from the stranger's fingers. He lights up, "You interested?"

The stranger smiles and Brendon likes the way it reflects all the way to his eyes.He holds out his hand, "Brendon Urie." He gets a handshake in return, wide, calloused fingers firm around his own.

"Jon Walker, cat owner and definitely in the market for a cat-friendly living environment." Another smile and Brendon's kind of sold by the way Jon's eyes crinkle at the corners. He realizes he's still shaking Jon's hand, but Jon doesn't seem to mind. He lets go, feels the blush on his face but barrels on, "You should come look at the place then. We can talk, discuss rent and stuff?"

Jon stuffs his hands in his pockets and nods, "Sure, sure. I'd love to. What time is good for you?" They talk a few more minutes, solidifying plans. Jon shakes his hand again before he leaves, Brendon's number in his phone.


There's a knock on the door at six that night.

Brendon opens the door to Jon's sheepish grin and before he can say anything, Jon says, "Couldn't really wait, you know?" Brendon grins in response, so wide that his cheeks kind of hurt. Three hours later, Jon leaves with the plan to come back after noon with his belongings.


He shows up the next day, cat carrier in one hand and a camera bag slung across his chest.

It's 10:07 am.

[2] new additions - october

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